School Policies

Here at Highfields School, we seek to provide our students with a broad and fulfilling education. We want your child to be able to participate in a wide variety of social and academic experiences which will enable them to achieve their full potential and confidently take their place in society as caring and highly skilled individuals with a strong sense of community.

We want this to happen in the safe, secure, positive and caring environment that has always characterised Highfields. This is important because only when a child feels safe and is happy at school can they do their best and enjoy their achievements. At Highfields we believe that parents, staff and students must always work together to see that this happens.

If you have any questions.  We would always recommend contacting one of us at school but it may be that the answer can be found in our Policy Documents below:


If you have not found the information that you were looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either by telephone on 01902 556530 or email