The Humanities Curriculum

Humanities encompasses studies of the world (Human and Physical Geography), the development of civilisation and the challenges to civilisation (History), world religions, spirituality and ethics (Religious Education) and study of the individual and their place, rights and duties in society (Citizenship and the Social Sciences).   

We aim for learning which combines knowledge and understanding of our world, its history and thinking with skills such as creativity, evaluation, critical thinking, questioning and teamwork.  We listen to our students and prize their communication skills.  We want them to move on from our area interested in their world, questioning their world and ready to improve their world. 

Our curriculum is planned to enable every child to do well and grow in confidence, to experience accurate and useful assessment for learning, and to share our enthusiasms for our subjects and the values they promote.  We deal with the interdependence of the individual, the community and the wider world and aim to equip our students with the understanding and compassion to go forward in life with confidence and as rounded and thoughtful citizens.

“ Underpinning our ethos is the recognition that we live in a diverse and rapidly changing world, and so learning must support the development of attitudes, values and life-skills needed for progression into that world. “

Subject Overview




Religious Education

Social Sciences

Enrichment Activities

  • Field trips and foreign travel opportunities, including First World War Battlefields, Berlin and Krakow, Barcelona, and a biennial winter skiing trip

  • University links for Masterclasses and familiarisation visits.

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