Talented young scientists celebrate success in The Brilliant Club

Twelve gifted young scientists from Highfields School are celebrating success after passing an A-Level-standard assignment as members of The Brilliant Club.

The Brilliant Club is a national award-winning non-profit organisation that aims to widen access to top universities for outstanding pupils.

Highfields signed up to the programme in June and 12 of our talented science students were chosen to take part following a tough selection process.

A PhD tutor from the University of Birmingham visited the school over four weeks to give the students a taste of university-style lectures before setting them a 2,000-word A-Level-standard assignment.

All 12 students passed the assignment, which was graded using degree terminology - many of them receiving a 1st or 2:1 grade. They have now celebrated their achievements on the programme with a graduation ceremony at The University of Nottingham.

Teacher Mrs. Smith, who has led the school’s Brilliant Club project, said: “The Brilliant Club gives gifted students the chance to experience learning in the style of a university student.

“We are very proud that all 12 of our students passed the assignment. This is a massive achievement as it was A-Level standard and our students have only just moved into Year 11. They have done incredibly well and all have very bright futures ahead of them.”

WATCH: Our video about The Brilliant Club