Highfields to launch Football Referee Academy


Highfields is delighted to announce the launch of its own referee academy, giving female students the chance to start their journey to become qualified football referees.

The Highfields School Football Referee Academy will be launched in 2019 with 12 girls from Years 9-12 taking part.

The course is the first of its kind run by Birmingham FA, facilitated by Highfields and supported by the ConnectED partnership.

It was open to all girls aged 14 and over.

The successful applicants will embark on their journey to become qualified football referees and put their new skills and qualification to good use.

They will be given the opportunity to take charge of all our boys’ and girls’ football fixtures, whilst also having the opportunity to apply their skills in the local community where they will be able to earn money for refereeing grassroots football matches.

Mr C Brickwood, Highfields’ Head of PE, said: “This is only the start of the journey as we look to grow the academy for both girls and boys in the near future. It is an opportunity for us to enhance the leadership skills of our own students and those from other schools, whilst developing their knowledge and understanding of the game. It is a really exciting project and we are delighted to be getting it up and running in 2019.”

Posted on January 7, 2019 .