Students jumping for joy with trampolining tournament success

Trampolinists from Highfields are jumping for joy after picking up a number of medals for their acrobatic abilities in a competition hosted at the school.

More than 50 students from Highfields, St Edmund’s and Wednesfield High took part in the contest and were judged in three categories - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

The results were very close, with Highfields picking up six medals in total.

PE teacher, Miss G.Robinson, said: “The competition was organised and judged by nine sixth-form students and they did a fantastic job. The event was a great success.

“Everyone who took part in the competition was a credit to themselves and the school. I am very proud of our students and am overjoyed at the spectacular performances they put on.

“The quality of performance in the advanced category, in particular, was incredibly high, meaning another three of our students missed out on medals by just single points.

“The hard work and dedication of all of the competitors has really paid off and I am excited to see what next year’s competition brings.”

Our winners- BEGINNERS: Lilly Belle (Yr 7) Silver; Rachael Flavell (Yr 7) Gold. INTERMEDIATE: Katie Edmunds (Yr 7) Joint Bronze; Megan Stentiford (Yr 8) Gold. ADVANCED: Josie Annable (Yr 8) Bronze; Tia-May Beach (Yr 10) Silver.

Posted on April 28, 2016 .