SEND Provision 

At Highfields we are proud of our diverse school community and remain committed to ensuring opportunity and success for all. We value the ability and achievements of all students. We have high expectations and set meaningful, challenging targets to raise the attainment and progress of everyone. Provision for students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) is recognised as a whole school responsibility.


Meet our dedicated SEND team:

Designated Safeguarding Lead & SENCO
Mrs A Bates

Miss J Home


At Highfields we will: 

  • Support students with SEND and fulfil the requirements of The Disability Act (2005) and The Equality Act (2010).

  • Challenge discrimination for all and endeavour to create an environment that is free from discrimination.

  • Ensure all students, regardless of need, have an entitlement and right to access a high quality education delivered through a balanced, relevant and personalised curriculum.

  • Aim to identify, make provision and make reasonable adjustments where possible for students with SEND.

  • Recognise that provision for students with SEND is a whole school responsibility.

  • Aim to create and maintain awareness within the school of the needs of students with SEND so all members of the school community share the responsibilities throughout the curriculum.

  • Ensure that all teachers are teachers of SEND

  • Ensure that what constitutes good practice for students with SEND is good practice for all students.

  • Recognise your value as Parents/Carers in supporting your children and look to engage you in planning to meet their needs.

  • Also recognise that children’s SEND are on a continuum and may change over time.


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If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone on 01902 556530. Any complaints should be directed to the Year Team in the first instance. Should the matter fail to be resolved the issue can be dealt with through the school's Complaints Procedure: