Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to children from low income families who are known to be eligible for Free School Meals and Children Looked After by the Local Authority.  Eligibility for the Pupil Premium for 2012/13 was extended to students who have been eligible for Free School Meals at any point in the last six years.

Pupil Premium funding at Highfields is focused on supporting children from low income families and other target groups to be fully engaged with school, raise their achievement and ensure they make at least similar progress to their peers.

In 2017/18 Highfields has 383 students eligible for Pupil Premium for whom we receive approximately £358,105.  In addition, we estimate that we will be allocated £17,500 Year 7 Catch up funding. Combined, this funding is allocated to the following initiatives:

It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium allocated to schools per Free School Meal pupil is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.
— Department for Education

Raising Achievement

  • Additional teaching staff in core subjects

  • One-to-one tuition

  • Saturday and Holiday School targeted teaching

  • Additional Teaching Assistant support in lessons

  • Individual and small group Literacy teaching

  • Individual and small group Numeracy teaching

  • Targeted interventions

  • Additional teaching time in core subjects

Raising Aspirations

  • Raising Aspirations Programme

  • Mentoring Programmes

  • Supported School Uniform

  • Flexible Charging Scheme

  • Extended Schools Programme

  • Sport Programme

  • Performance Programme

  • Support for Self Study

  • Enrichment Opportunities



The Pupil Premium funding for 2016/17 has had the following impact on eligible students:

  • 61% of Pupil Premium students achieved at least standard passes in English and Mathematics.

  • Pupil Premium students achieved a Progress 8 score of 0.32, achieving on average nearly a third of a grade above students of similar abilities nationally.

  • 83% of Pupil Premium students achieved at least a standard pass grade in English, significantly better than the performance of Pupil Premium students nationally and better than that of all students nationally.

  • The achievement of Pupil Premium students in Mathematics is also strong, with 64% of Pupil Premium students achieving at least a standard pass. They achieved a score of 0.24 in the Maths element of Progress 8.

  • At Highfields, the attainment and progress of our Pupil Premium students have improved consistently over the last three years within the broader context of overall school improvement

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