Physical Education and Sport

To develop a lifelong understanding and passion for a Healthy Active Lifestyles, through physical activity and sport. Providing opportunity for students to develop physically, mentally and socially in an environment that produces healthier, happier young people who can achieve their potential.

To facilitate opportunity for every pupil to experience high quality PE that motivates them to be more human. The department will challenge and stimulate student’s bodies and minds to work together to achieve their goals. Building courage, determination and dedication to succeed enabling students to perform under pressure when it matters. The department tackle the world wide epidemic of obesity. In PE we help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, type 2 diabetes. In PE we will educate every individual to lead a healthy active lifestyle improving self-esteem whilst releasing endorphins that stimulate the Head, Heart and Hands. Finally, we will ensure that all students have the opportunity to continue to be successful in the world of sport through our extensive extra-curricular programme. 

A sole focus to nurture the human body for performance at any level, in any situation and in any environment. Students will to analyse performance, plan effective strategies and tactics to outwit an opponent. Students will provide constructive feedback to improve performance and build someone’s confidence in their time of need. Show dedication, both in lessons and extra-curricular clubs. They strive to give their all in everything they do. They will spend hours mastering skills, developing their techniques, whilst going the extra mile to ensure their peers and team mates are ready to perform alongside them. Students will strive to dream crazy and perform to their full potential in the dance studio, sports hall, on the courts, out there on the field. They dare to be the best and most exciting performer in any sporting situation.

Our KS3 curriculum will also prepare students for what lies ahead developing their knowledge and understanding of key academic content. All in anticipation of choosing Physical Education as an academic pathway at GCSE or Vocational level.

Students are taught by highly trained and skilled staff who have a passion for their subject area and dedicate their time to developing a thriving and successful learning environment. A culture where students will learn the value of failure and the feeling of success.

Enrichment Activities

  • Tennis Table

  • Snooker

  • Football

  • Gymnastics

  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award

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