Talented students named among country's academic elite


Highfields is especially proud of three of its highest achieving students, who between them achieved a total of 29 Grade 9 grades, placing them among the country’s elite.

This year, 837 GCSE students taking at least seven GCSEs scored a clean sweep of Grade 9s in all subjects, making up just 0.1% of the 700,000 teenagers who took exams in England this summer.

This makes the achievement of Joseph Regan even more impressive - with a clean sweep of 11 Grade 9 GCSE grades in English Language; English Literature; Maths; Biology; Physics; Chemistry; History; Business Studies; Spanish; Design Technology and Citizenship.


Joseph said he was delighted that all of his hard work had paid off.

He added: “I was confident that I had done well in my exams but I never imagined I would get a full set of Grade 9s, especially in Spanish because the exam was so difficult.”

Although he is still unsure which career path to pursue in the future, he is looking forward to studying for A-Levels at Highfields Sixth Form in Maths, Economics and English Literature.

Also joining this elite group of Grade 9 students are Sara Malik, who achieved 10 Grade 9s and one Grade 8 GCSE (in English Language; English Literature; Maths; Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Geography; History; Computer Science; Spanish and Citizenship) and Anika Patel, who achieved eight Grade 9s, two Grade 8s and one Grade 7 (in English Language; English Literature; Maths; Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Geography; Computer Science; Spanish; Business Studies and Citizenship). Both students will be continuing their studies in the Sixth Form. Sara - who dreams of one day studying medicine at University and becoming a doctor - will be taking her A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, with Anika choosing to study Maths, Physics and Computer Science.

Sara said: “I was just so relieved and happy with my results. My family was very happy, and my mum couldn’t stop crying outside!”

Anika said she couldn’t believe she’d opened the right envelope.

“I was hoping for one or two Grade 9s but nothing like this,” she added. “Being among the national elite is quite surreal. My family are very proud.”

Mrs N Clifton, Head of Upper School, said she is absolutely delighted that their hard work and talent had been recognised and rewarded.

But she said she was equally delighted by the performances of all students this year, and that seeing the sheer joy on students’ faces when they opened envelopes to realise that they had got the Grade 4 or 5 in a subject they had worked so hard on was what made it all so worthwhile.

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Posted on August 28, 2019 .