Students get taste of careers in Health & Social Care

Sixth Form students enjoyed hands-on experience of a range of University courses, including healthcare, early years development and crime scene analysis, as part of an event encouraging them to look ahead to the future.

University College of Birmingham staged the ‘Future U’ event to give students a taste of a number of career options they may wish to pursue after Highfields.

Twelve Year 12 students went along to the event, which saw them complete five sessions, each focused on a different career path.


Sessions included a health suite simulation, which focused on hygiene in hospitals, changing beds and taking temperatures, whilst a session in learning and play taught them the importance of play in the cognitive and emotional development of children.

Sessions were also staged in crime scene analysis, developmental baby massage and public health, which allowed them to look at obesity and alcoholism.

As part of the event, they also got the chance to question several lecturers about the wide range of courses available, and learn more about University life.

Miss E Williams, Health and Social Care teacher, said: “The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and now have a much better insight into what they would like to do in the future.

“Quite a number of the students said they hadn't realised the range of courses on offer or what lessons/lectures would be like at University.”

One student said: “I enjoyed learning that University isn't all about lectures and sitting in a classroom. This visit has made me more excited about the course that I want to take and has made me consider going to UCB in the future.

“The event was really helpful and they gave us lots of information about what to expect at University. It has inspired me to look more in detail about what I would like to do in the future in Health and Social Care.”

Posted on January 28, 2019 .