Young Journalists launch school newspaper

A team of budding reporters are putting their journalism skills to the test as part of a new initiative launched to keep students, parents and staff informed of the school’s latest news and achievements.


The Young Journalists scheme is giving students the chance to work with a senior reporter to produce a termly newspaper, called ‘The H’.

An eight-strong team of Year 10 students make up a core editorial team responsible for sourcing and writing news stories from around school and putting them together into a professional-standard newspaper.

The first edition of the newspaper was created in just four weeks and printed before the summer holidays to rave reviews. All students and staff are now being encouraged to support the team by sending in story suggestions ahead of the release of the second edition at Christmas.

Editor, Yasmin Powell, said: “The whole aim of this newspaper is to keep everyone up-to-date with the many things going on around school, including upcoming events, student achievements, success stories and opinion pieces.

“Our first edition was packed with articles from around school, ranging from sport to features and even politics, and we have already started work on our second edition, which we hope will build on this success.

“If any students or members of staff have a burning issue they are keen for us to include or a news story worthy of coverage, make sure to get in touch with one of the team so we can give it the publicity it deserves. We’re always on the lookout for news stories and features so thank you in advance for your support!”

Story suggestions can be sent to the team by emailing

The Young Journalists scheme is one of many Student Leadership programmes offered by Highfields.

To view a digital version of our first edition of The H, click the image below:

Posted on September 27, 2017 .