Students get behind the camera ahead of Film Studies launch

Budding movie directors have been getting to grips with the tricks and techniques used to bring movies to life on screen ahead of the launch of a new Film Studies course.

Film Studies is being introduced as a course option for Year 9 students from September.

A pilot scheme was held for students to get a better insight into what the course will have to offer, including analysing film trailers as well as planning and producing their own short film.

They used skills such as understanding the effect of camera angles, using animation, a green screen, special effects, drama, editing and working with different people.

English and Film Studies teacher, Mr A Beesla, said: “Students thought carefully about the influence and power of film, as well as how to present different messages.

“They are all very proud of their work and many are looking forward to taking Film Studies as a Year 9 option.”

Watch one of the films our students made here:

Posted on June 8, 2017 .