BBC Live Lesson brings Computer Science to life

Learning was brought to life with a live Doctor Who-themed BBC lesson which showcased the importance of computer programming.

Doctor Who and the micro:bit was part of the BBCs Live Lessons programme, which took place on Tuesday, March 28th and involved all Year 7 students.

Each student received a BBC micro:bit and used it to solve a fictional disaster scenario whilst coming face to face with one of Doctor Who’s deadliest foes.

During the live event, students developed their computational thinking by exploring a number of Computer Science topics, including algorithms, different types of errors and the components that go into an algorithm.  

The live lesson was delivered at Highfields as well as other schools across the country as part of a collaboration between the ICT and Computer Science department.

Mr S.France, Head of Innovations, said: “A great deal of planning and preparation was put into the event by Mr D.Capewell, Head of Digital Media, and his team. 

“The students had been really looking forward to it and they thoroughly enjoyed the live lesson. It was a fantastic end to the term.”


Posted on March 31, 2017 .