Students pick up revision tips during 'Plan To Succeed' Day

Year 11 students were given top tips and advice about making their exam revision count as part of a special day dedicated to ensuring they succeed in their GCSEs.

Students took part in a number of workshops and activities as part of the Plan To Succeed Day, which took place on March 22nd.

They learnt about applying the ‘4Rs’ throughout the day and each received a goody bag featuring a clear pencil case, pen, pencil, post-it notes and highlighters to aid their revision.

Students worked in groups to construct their own revision timetables and materials making use of a range of techniques including mind maps, flash cards, route systems and quizzes with prizes handed out for the best materials created on the day.

Mrs N.Clifton, Head of Upper School, said: “The purpose of the day was to allow Year 11 students to develop their revision skills and strategies and raise awareness of the need to be revising now.  

“Our school exam results were positive and the experience gave our studentsan indication of the areas in which they need to improve on for the real thing.

“This day was all about giving them the advice and ideas to make sure they get the most out of their revision time and adopt revision methods that best suit them so they achieve their potential in their exams and put themselves on the road to success in the future.”

Students are now being encouraged to share their own revision resources through the Create Like Share area on the school website. Four prizes worth £25 each will be given out for the best resources shared between students over the Easter holiday.

Posted on April 6, 2017 .