Trampoline treat for sporty students

Sporty students were rewarded for their dedication and commitment to extra-curricular sports clubs with a trip to Air Space Trampoline Park.

A total of 51 students from the lower school were treated to the trip to honour their efforts in sporting activities out of school hours.

As part of a school initiative to increase the numbers of girls taking part in sport, students from Years 7 and 8 have been collecting stickers using their ‘Ex-Banks’ every time they attend an extra-curricular club or fixture in PE. 

Lots of stickers have been given to lower school students for their participation in a wide range of activities this year, including netball, trampolining and dance.

Students with the most stickers were invited to the park, at Bentley Bridge, for two hours of bounce time as a reward.

PE teacher Miss G.Robinson, who organised the trip with Miss A.Fuller and Ms L.Stevenson, said: “Whilst in the park, students were able to test their physical abilities in a battle on an assault course, practice their gymnastics and hand-springs along the tumbling lanes and perfect their trampolining skills on performance beds. Some pupils even managed to find a football goal to practice their goalkeeping diving skills. 

“However, the undeniable highlight of the trip was using the trampolining dodgeball area, where students had lots of fun challenging each other in a competitive activity.

“It was a pleasure taking such a polite and hardworking group of pupils out on the trip in recognition of their attendance at the clubs offered in school. Every student invited has shown a real commitment to sport this year and deserved to be rewarded for their efforts. We hope that the success of this year's reward trip will encourage even more pupils to participate in extra-curricular sport next year, and we look forward to even more adventurous outings in the future.”

Posted on July 7, 2016 .