Students get in saddle for Bikeability cycle training

Students have been getting on their bikes to improve their cycling skills and increase confidence when riding on roads.

More than 70 Year 7 pupils have taken part in the Bikeability cycle training course - a modern-day version of cycling proficiency.

Students were split into groups to spend an afternoon cycling on local streets, learning how to deal with traffic on short journeys.

They will now be awarded with an orange badge and certificate for completing Bikeability’s Level 2 standard, which is recognised by the government.

A number of Year 8 students are now also working towards their Level 3 Bikeability standard, which is the highest level on the scheme.

An instructor will be visiting school every Wednesday up until the end of term to train groups of up to four students per session.

They will learn a range of techniques, including understanding advanced road positioning, passing queuing traffic, perceiving and dealing with hazards, understanding driver blind spots and reacting to hazardous road surfaces.

Posted on May 5, 2016 .