Horrors of war to be brought to life during trip to The Somme

The horrors of war will be brought to life for students during a trip to The Somme on the 100th anniversary year of one of the fiercest battles of the First World War.

A group of 36 students and five members of staff will be travelling to the French battlefields as well as visiting the memorials and museums that honour those who lost their lives as part of the trip to give them a better insight into the atrocities that took place there during the war.

The Battle of the Somme, which took place between July and November 1916, was one of the largest of the First World War, with more than 1 million casualties. On the first day alone, the British suffered almost 60,000 casualties, making it the bloodiest day in British military history.

History teacher, Mrs C.Hall, said: “A trip to The Somme will illustrate for students the horrors of war and the terrific human cost of gaining very little territory as well as the difficult conditions the soldiers lived in for long periods.

“We shall be paying our respects to the fallen of all nations as we endeavour to build our understanding of history and the lessons to be learned from the dreadful mistakes of the past.”

The visit, which will take place from March 24-26, is one of a number of study tours organised by Highfields’ History department to enable students to experience first hand the locations of world-changing events.

Mrs Hall added: “This will be another solemn and reflective journey with Highfields' students but we know that we shall also enjoy the travels and the company of a wonderful group of students from Year 9 to Year 13. We will report more of our experiences on our return.”

Posted on March 15, 2016 .