Ellie wins place at prestigious UWC Atlantic College

UWC Atlantic College in Wales

UWC Atlantic College in Wales

Talented Year 11 student Eleanor White has accepted an offer to study for an International Baccalaureate at the globally-renowned UWC Atlantic College.

Located in Wales, UWC Atlantic was the first of the United World Colleges and among the first educational institutions in the world to follow an international curriculum. It is known for its liberal, progressive and radical education, its   global ethos and strong focus on local and global sustainability.

Eleanor said she was inspired by the values of Atlantic College - which works to ‘make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future’ and to ‘provide a platform for young individuals to learn through shared experience and be empowered to make a positive difference’ - as they chime with her own beliefs, formed through her family and school.

Eleanor - known as Ellie - is delighted to have been awarded a place and said she wanted to work in a prejudice-free world, which values differences and sees them as a strength in any community. She said she was looking forward to challenging herself and making a difference whilst keeping compassion and integrity central to her lifestyle.

History teacher, Mrs C Hall, said: “Ellie clearly came across very well in the gruelling 24 hours of interviews, team challenges and presentations involved in the selection process to prove why she deserved a place.”

UWC Atlantic College, located in the Vale of Glamorgan, was founded in 1962 and is attended by around 350 students from more than 90 countries. As well as the International Baccalaureate curriculum, the college puts a strong emphasis on student participation in the community.

Well done Ellie! We are really sorry to lose you, but are very proud of your success and wish you well in the future. Make sure you keep in touch to tell us all about your experiences.

Posted on March 1, 2016 .