Maths equals a bright future

Students were inspired to consider mathematics as a future career as part of an event run by University of Wolverhampton.

Ten Yr 10 students took part in the Celebrating Women in Maths event, which was organised by the university in conjunction with the Further Maths Support Programme.

The day included short talks from people who use mathematics in their careers, including a representative from Rolls Royce. Students also took part in a number of hands-on workshops such as the Leaping Frog and 19-Tile puzzles which required patience and logic to solve.

Miss M.Staples, Head of Middle School Mathematics, said: “The event was a really good opportunity for our students to learn more about people who use mathematics in their jobs so that they may consider maths as a potential career option or taking the subject further to A-Level.”

Posted on February 4, 2016 .