Developing Literacy & Numeracy Skills


It is important that Highfields’ students exercise good literacy skills across every aspect of the curriculum. Not only will the demonstration of good literacy skills support progress in every subject area, this practice will also ensure that students develop the essential communication skills they will need to be successful in the wider world.

This booklet contains a variety of information and exercises for Highfields’ students to practise and develop their writing skills. Please use alongside the answer section in the back of the booklet to check responses carefully.




Numeracy is an essential skill for life. It is the ability to apply simple numerical facts, skills and reasoning to real-life problems.

This booklet has been designed to help parents and students with many of the basic numeracy skills required. As well as being taught in mathematics lessons, these skills are also vital in other areas of the school curriculum.  Using a consistent approach across all subjects will make it easier for students to develop and apply their numeracy skills.

This booklet provides information about:

  • Using number skills
  • Key numeracy definitions  
  • Useful websites for revision 


Posted on July 2, 2015 .