Charity Leadership Group Visits Birmingham Children's Hospital

As part of their work towards the Summer Showcase, the Charity Leadership Group has been working on fundraising ideas in support of the school chosen charity, Birmingham Children's Hospital.

To highlight the importance of this Group's function, eight members were taken around the Hospital by its fundraising team to show what the money raised is spent on and how it helps improve the lives of the people that have to use the Hospital. The tour guides were able to explain the impact that donations have on individuals; students were taken aback by the amount of funds required to make even seemingly small changes. The tour of the Chapel was particularly moving.

The Big Bandage fundraiser was then explained to the students, who then bandaged themselves up so that photographs could be taken by the fundraising team to use as part of their press releases. This has now given the students more of a focus and has motivated them to ensure the Big Bandage fundraiser really makes a difference. 

You can read about our visit on the Birmingham Children's Hospital website.


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Posted on June 16, 2015 .