Active Kids 2015


Every year, we collect Active Kids vouchers and have managed to save enough to provide valuable resources.  Without your support we would have missed out on thousands of pounds of equipment. 

Last year we collected 6706 vouchers, and bought:

  • 10 hockey sticks
  • 4 javelins
  • 2 indoor footballs
  • A set of cricket stumps
  • 2 tape measures

Active Kids vouchers are available until 5 May 2015 at all Sainsbury's stores, petrol stations and when ordering groceries online at  One voucher is earned for every £10 spent in a single transaction at all Sainsbury’s Supermarkets and for every £5 spent in a single transaction at Sainsbury’s Locals.

Please ask friends, family and local clubs to collect vouchers for us. Students can place vouchers in the box in reception or hand them in to a member of the PE department.

This year we are hoping to purchase some orienteering clippers, basketballs, footballs, table tennis balls and more cricket stumps.

Posted on January 29, 2015 .