Young Curators - Exhibition Selection Panel

At our last meeting we had both the enjoyable and challenging task of selecting the new work to include in our upcoming exhibition based upon the developed theme of War & Conflict.

Following the success of the initial exhibition, the team developed a more approachable and open theme that could be responded to through a wider variety of potential media. The resultant selection process involved us carefully observing the pieces of work submitted as a group and evaluating it in relation to the criteria set and the artist statements provided. When choosing the art work to be included we felt it was necessary to attempt to select a body of work that would effectively cover all aspects of the theme as developed and specified by the group.

The artwork chosen had to reflect the criteria requested. It had to respond to the theme, it had to be original and unique in its materials and communication and it also had to display intellectual content. Another aspect that had to be taken into account as curators was how the work could potentially be presented in the gallery space; would it fit within the space? Could the work be presented well alongside the other pieces of work?

As this was the second time that the group had undergone this process, the group were much clearer in their priorities and the importance of remaining true to the brief and criteria originally set and the necessity of considering the space as a whole and the manner in which the pieces will interact with each other and establish a response to the theme as a whole.

Following the success of the first exhibition Appearance V Reality and the links that the gallery has since developed within the regional art community, entries were much more significant and a lengthy debate was necessary amongst the team in order to narrow the pieces on offer down to those that were felt to best represent the intended exhibition. After much discussion and several votes the group was able to successfully choose a wide breadth of work across various mediums that accurately reflects the theme across time.

War & Conflict

Following the official selection process for Evoke’s second exhibition entitled ‘War & Conflict’, we are excited and pleased to announce that a wide range of challenging and thematically experimental work is now on display. We proudly employ exhibiting artist Tony Blood’s photographic piece ‘Riot Helmet’ as the official marketing image of the event, as visible within the promotional flyer developed by the team.

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Post by Lucy Siviter

Post by Lucy Siviter

Posted on July 8, 2014 and filed under Young Curators.