Gallery Exhibition: Appearance V Reality

The big launch party is slowly closing in and the Curators have been hard at work.  Appearance V Reality is the theme that the group has been tackling to exhibit in the gallery – under the umbrella of the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth.

After much deliberation, the Curators came to the conclusion of choosing ‘Appearance V Reality’, due to the belief that this is a prominent topic addressed within a lot of Shakespeare’s work. It is also notoriously explored in many pieces of literature and has become a general theme that contemporary authors’ choose to discuss.


The theme – in simple terms – is the conflicting nature of what we see to be reality and what reality actually is, both in literature and everyday life. Concealment of identity, hidden agendas and betrayal all play a massive role in Shakespeare’s work, hence why the theme was selected.

The Curators have received many pieces of Art from artists who would like to showcase their work in EVOKE, and in their next meeting they will be selecting the artwork they wish to put up in the gallery for this exhibition.

Everything seems to be going along smoothly and the Curators are very excited for the opening of EVOKE, be sure to return for further updates on what the group are up to and how the gallery is progressing!

Post by Sofie Gill

Post by Sofie Gill

Posted on March 31, 2014 and filed under Young Curators.