The 'Gastronaut Roadshow' Visits Highfields!

Yesterday we enjoyed a visit from celebrity chef, Stefan Gates, who performed his 'Gastronaut Roadshow' for Highfields students. This visit was a prize won by our Health and Social Care students who participated in Wolverhampton City Council's 'Learning for Success 2013'.

Stefan's show was watched by 250 Year 7 and Key Stage 4 Food Technology and Catering students.  The show was a spectacular and entertaining combination of food experiments, showing how food can explode, fuel a rocket and change the colour (acidity/alkalinity) of water. Students enjoyed seeing how freezing food affects its smell and how some foods affect our bodily functions. Stefan provided students with much food for thought; he demonstrated, for example, how eating insects could help solve the problem of feeding the growing world population.

It was a fast and lively show, lots to laugh about with a good measure of food science and nutrition thrown in!

A mind-blowing mix of science and extraordinary cooking, with video clips and lots of audience participation. Stefan performs custard-powder flamethrowing, fries an egg on a piece of paper, conducts a vegetable orchestra and if you’re lucky you’ll get to try his insects, jellyfish salad and bum sandwiches.

Highfields staff and students joined in the experiments. Jack Walker, Year 11 froze cheese with a fire extinguisher. Ethan Salter, Year 7 encountered exploding food and Sophie Bates along with Ms Thomson tasted some unusual foods!

Here is a video from Stefan's YouTube channel.  This wasn't part of the show, but hopefully it will give you a 'taste' of what went on!

Posted on January 23, 2014 .