Black History Month with Gazebo Theatre

October is Black History Month, and Gazebo Theatre in Education Company Ltd visited Highfields yesterday, for a series of participatory workshops involving History and Drama students.  

Workshops included performances, discussion and drama; exploring the themes of migration and racism, focussing on the experiences of people who moved to the UK during the 'Windrush Era'



Students watched a performance by Gazebo which described the real experiences of two migrants who moved to Wolverhampton in the 'Windrush Era'.


The 'Windrush Era'

Students enjoyed a monologue performance by Gazebo, which outlined issues surrounding immigration and racism during the 'Windrush Era'.


Freeze Frame! 

Year 10 GCSE History students depict the scene of Caribbean migrants boarding the 'Windrush'  boat.

Posted on October 24, 2013 .