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Our Middle School provides students in Years 9 and 10 with guidance and support to help them make the right choices for a successful future and step up to the challenges of Key Stage 4. Whether it be selecting subjects to study into Upper School, finding out about the opportunities available at college and university or learning more about the range of apprenticeships and career options on offer to best suit each child, our Middle School works to prepare every one of our students for the future by helping them mature and grow, gain independence and responsibility.


Meet the team: Head of Year 10, Mr R Oseland; Year 10 Manager, Mr M Fanthom; Head of Year 9, Mrs A Bates;
Year 9 Manager, Mrs C Meese; Assistant Guidance Manager, Mr L Francis

Key dates for Year 9 students:

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Key dates for Year 10 students:

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To view our 'Making Good Choices' booklet, click here


To view our Year 9 Welcome Evening presentation, click here 


To view our Year 10 Welcome Evening presentation, click here


Letters/Publications for parents of Middle School students:


Year 10 Work Experience Pack for September 2018

Work Experience - September 2018

Work Experience Information Pack

For a list of WORK EXPERIENCE PLACEMENTS available please visit

You will need to log in using the following username and password:

Username: Highfieldsstudent
Password: Student1
Click on ‘Advanced Search’ and scroll down to the area you are interested in e.g. ‘Agriculture’, and click on ‘Search’ to see all related placements. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for a particular company, click on ‘Company Search’ and type the name e.g. ‘British Gas’ in the ‘Company Name’ field. 

If you have any questions relating to Work Experience, or need further support in finding a placement, please email careers@hswv.co.uk