Welcome to Lower School


In Years 7 and 8, students are learning the expectations of Highfields. It is time for them to establish strong friendships, new habits and, most importantly, a sense of independence. Students are expected to be resilient and determined in order to succeed.

A variety of clubs are on offer before and after school, as well as at lunch times, to give students the chance to try new experiences and socialise with fellow pupils who share the same interests.

In Year 8, students take 'mini options' to allow for a greater specialism in subjects they most enjoy as they make the journey into Middle School.

Meet the team: Head of Lower School, Ms  J Parker; Year 7 Manager, Miss S Edwards; Year 7 Assistant Year Manager, Mrs D Collins; Year 8 Manager, Miss C Rees; Assistant Year Manager, Miss A Cooper


Key dates for Year 7 students:


Yr 7 Key Dates 2017-website.JPG

Key dates for Year 8 students:

Yr 8 Key Dates 2017-website.jpg


To view our Year 7 Welcome Evening presentation, click here


To view our Year 8 Welcome Evening presentation, click here


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Letters/publications for parents of Lower School students: