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Making your decision about Post 16 education is very important.   We believe that every student can excel on courses that are appropriate to them and this is reflected in our wide range of option choices.  There are several pathways that you may decide between in our Sixth Form, studying Advanced Level courses, BTEC subjects or in some instances combining the two.

Highfields Sixth Form is exciting and challenging.  We have a reputation for providing quality teaching. Our ethos is about having high expectations within a supportive and friendly environment.

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Download Sixth Form Prospectus (PDF)

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External applicants will be asked to provide details of a referee from their current school. On receipt of suitable reference, which indicates that an applicant will meet our entrance requirements, they will then be interviewed in March/April 2018. The deadline for internal applications is Friday, January 26th 2018.

For further enquiries please contact kblower@hswv.co.uk

“Students’ progress is good and improving, success rates are high, attendance is above average, students enjoy their experiences and contribute well to the wider school community.”
— Ofsted

Read what our students have to say about Highfields Sixth Form:

"During my time at Highfields, I have received endless support to strive towards my goal of studying Medicine at University. The dedication and faith held by staff at Highfields ensure that students achieve success. Due to our multicultural community and appreciation of diversity, Highfields has a unique ethos that is welcoming to all." - Bernice Johal, Head Girl (Current studies: Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics)

"Not only are staff willing to go the extra mile in terms of academic study, they will also be there to support you in any way they can to prepare you for the future. The decision to continue my studies at Highfields in Sixth Form was an easy one. Having already found the learning experience throughout GCSEs a successful one and seeing the development of a student with target grades of C across the board attaining As and Bs, I have full confidence that Highfields is the best place to achieve my potential." - Jack Evans, Head Boy (Current studies: Geography, Mathematics and Physics)

"Highfields has had a very positive impact on my life. With supportive members of staff, a healthy working environment and a range of opportunities at hand, my time at Highfields has enabled me to excel both academically and as a person. Studying at Highfields is an enjoyable experience." - Lakhdeep Panesar, Deputy Head Boy (Current studies: Law, Mathematics and Further Mathematics)

"The support and motivation shown by the staff and the wider body of students, as well as the diverse, friendly working environment, means you are able to enjoy your experiences here both in and outside the classroom. By choosing to study here, wherever your aspirations and passions may lie, Highfields will enable you to reach your full potential." - Simran Koretaine, Deputy Head Girl (Current studies: English Literature, EPQ, History and Psychology)

"As a late entrant to Highfields, it did not take long before I felt an integral part of the school and its welcoming community (something which, from experience, has shown me is not universal). The unique combination of an extremely well-resourced school, supportive welfare team and excellent teaching staff has culminated in a school I feel lucky to attend." - Kaylum McCann, Year 13 Student (Current studies: Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics)

Life at Highfields Sixth Form:

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