A New Term

Headteacher’s blog! A new departure for Highfields so it is with some trepidation that I begin my first ever blog. I remember as a child starting to keep several diaries but never managing to keep them updated for very long. I hope to do better with this blog where my intention is to keep you updated weekly on what’s happening at Highfields, its many successes and other information that may be of interest.

It has been a very busy start to the new academic year and the school has quickly settled into its usual routines. I was delighted to see so many parents at the Welcome Evenings where we were able to share with them our recent examination successes and our ambitions for 2013-2014. Developing our communication systems is a key theme for this year and this new website is the first improvement of the year. I hope you find it much more user friendly and easier to navigate than the old website. Our ambition is that parents will see the website as their first ‘port of call’ in keeping themselves updated with what’s happening in school. You can follow the school on Twitter @Highfields_sch which will provide you important school notices.

Of course all this depends on technology and as we all know technology can be unreliable at times. Last week was particularly difficult in school when our wireless cloud was flooded by major interference from a local mobile phone mast when it switched to 4G. The effect was to create gridlock on our wireless channels making it very difficult to send or process information. Our IT team have worked tirelessly with our suppliers to find solutions to counteract the effects of this interference and minimise the impact of any similar events in the future. Such incidents are incredibly inconvenient but they do serve to provide valuable reminders of our vulnerability to new technology and the importance of retaining some of our more traditional approaches in schools.

This Saturday (28th September) will see our annual Open Morning where parents and prospective parents are invited to visit the school. It is our showcase event and staff and students take great pride in sharing the school with you.  There will also be tours next week where you can see the school in action on a working day. If you are able to spend some time with us at these events we would be grateful for any feedback.

So, first Headteacher blog completed! I have kept it brief so as not to set a precedent. My homework now is to learn how to set up links in my blog which may be of interest to parents. If there are any particular issues you would like to know more about contact us on yourviews@hswv.org.uk.

Posted on September 24, 2013 .